Why can't I see exact details of what services some advertisers will perform?

Legislation regarding the descriptions for services is different from state to state. For example it is legal for an advertiser to describe that they are willing to do Anal or Bare Back Blow Jobs (BBBJ) in NSW, but illegal to describe any services in QLD.

Why does the nationality for QLD escorts always say Other?

References to nationality are only allowed if they refer to the nationality of the sex worker. For example – “Greek Goddess”, “Spanish Beauty”, “Asian Stunner”, “French Supermodel”, etc.

Can I create multiple listings?

Short answer Yes. The basic free package allows for 3 listings. This is especially useful if your tour other states. For example a listing in NSW allows more information than a Queensland or Victoria listing, so you this way you can prepare different listings for each state and then pause or un-pause as needed.

When will my listing go live?

Usually within 24 hours as there are different laws in different states that govern what can and can’t be advertised with adult services. This is why we moderate all ads before it can be displayed to the general public. Some States permit you to describe services like NSW while others like Queensland you are not. If you use words like: cunt, cum, etc, your add may be rejected for certain states Refer to the PLA guidelines if advertising in Queensland.

How do I edit my listing?

  • Sign In Here
  • Hover over the Person Icon in the top menu

  • Go to My Items
  • Your listings should appear
  • Hover over the image and click the edit icon
  • After submitting your item will be reviewed